I'm a freelance illustrator and a Kendall College of Art and Design graduate currently living in Michigan. My work ranges from rendered paintings in watercolor, to still-lifes in pastel, to film storyboards, to more comic-style illustrations in digital or traditional colors. Needless to say, my work is diverse. My intention for use of this blog is to display my artwork in a professional manner and to bring in commission-based business. Essentially, this is my online portfolio. Many illustrators are using blogs these days, and needing a presence for myself, this will hopefully work for me as well. So I encourage you to watch regularly for postings of artwork and perhaps be compelled to call on my services for a commission. Keep in mind that I work in a variety of mediums and subjects, so do not hesitate to ask for something that you might not see here. Just contact me at, my work e-mail and my Paypal account.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unique Tales: golden age Taskforce

Been keeping myself busy, partly with a special project for Adam Withers and Comfort Love, creators of the self-published The Uniques superhero comic. If you follow them you'll likely know this already, but for those not in the know they're starting a new series called Unique Tales with short stories written and illustrated by other artists that expands on the history and setting of The Uniques. I've been working out character designs for several WWII era superheroes, the Taskforce, which has been exciting since I love this line of work and greatly admire Adam and Comfort. There will be some adjustments made, as you can see with Countryman, but these are the initial designs.
the original design
the modified design________________________________________
This design was too decorated for Adam and Comfort's liking,
however the uniform will be used for more ceremonial scenes.

Guardian Angel

Thursday, January 7, 2010

tufted titmouse w.c. painting

It was my mother's birthday yesterday, so as a gift I did this small watercolor painting of a tufted titmouse for her. I haven't done much with watercolors for a while now so it felt good to do something like this, which was simple and could do within an evening.

Mom and myself with her painting

Communist portraits commission

Here's Luise K.'s commission, a Christmas gift for the guy rendered on the right end of the row. It was a little tricky trying to stylize his portrait to resemble the other three, who are, from left to right: Marx, Engel, and Lenin. Drawing all those details felt more like topography than facial features.

Christmas play sets

Here I am standing by the backdrop painting, hung behind the choir seats.

Each year my hometown church of Perry Baptist traditionally puts on two Christmas play programs: one with children, the other with adults. This year I was asked to assist with set designs for the children's play "Miracle on Main Street" by painting a backdrop, requesting that it be a town square with a visible church. Rarely do I work large scale like this, so even after spending nearly two weeks working on it, it only managed to be mostly complete before the deadline came. Had I a better notion of how much work would go into such an endeavor, I would have started earlier. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Still, the painting was satisfactory for the play and afterward I put on the finishing touches, as it may have a use in future Christmas plays.