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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haslett Community Yard Sale '11

talking to Greg Spencer at my table - photo taken by a "lady in pink"
This Saturday marked the second run for the Haslett Community Yard Sale, and what a day it was. As far as the weather goes (aside from an uncomfortable heat) it was a picturesque, sunny summer morning and afternoon. Like Mother would always remind you: stay in the shade, wear your sunblock, and keep hydrated, which is exactly what I did. Although I still managed to get burned slightly in a few, smaller patches. Such is my lot.

After last year's downpour during Perryfest, I had invested in a canopy tent meant more-so for tailgating parties. Not only did it serve well this time around to keep me in the shade, but it fit perfectly in the parking space where my table and displays were set up. As some of you may recall, the yard sale was held in the Haslett High School parking lot and each person, or group, is given two parking spaces: one for their vehicle, one for their wares. If you're at all familiar with the comic convention scene, tables are so tightly packed together. It's such a stark contrast, but I've begun to feel a little more accustomed to the extra space.

the table spread, which included: sketch books and cards, mini zombie prints, the watercolor female cardinal, and a copy of The Uniques Tales
I'll admit that this year's Haslett Community Yard Sale was a little disappointing in certain respects. None of the prints nor sketch cards sold. Though this came as no real shock, given that this isn't the same sort of crowd found typically in comic conventions. But I had hoped that I might find a customer to purchase my more recent watercolor painting of a female cardinal. However, no such luck. Ah, well.

Despite this, I was pleased with the response in regards to caricatures, though not without some patience on my part. The first pair of customers hadn't approached until towards early afternoon, which was well into the second half of the yard sale's hours. When an event only lasts for a single day, you tend to compulsively check your watch, wondering if you'll even get any business as hours pass by. Not so much pessimism, you understand, but more anxiety. It's fair to assume this is a common feeling. In the end the patience paid off, and that's what's important.

Andrea and Kara, holding their respective caricatures
As it happened, I was also visited later on by a nice, older lady named Lynne. It turned out that she worked as an aide in the same elementary school which I had attended for over twenty years, having recently retired. (And that was her in the elementary school for the twenty some-odd years, not me you wiserackers out there on the web.) She came back later with her daughter and three younger grandchildren, commissioning caricatures of each. Their time was limited, so I arranged to illustrate each child sometime thereafter and mail them out to her. So expect to see three more caricatures coming in the near future on this site.

The rest of the yard sale went without a hitch. Well, nearly without a hitch. A stronger gust of wind did cause some mischief and blew my canopy and displays over. Fortunately, nothing was lost or broken, though the same couldn't be said to my neighbor to the right (the shattered glass of a frame made for them a nice little mess). And speaking of my neighbors, a number of them came right to my assistance when it happened, helping catch and shift my wares and displays. For that I thank you, should any of you happen to read this.

My thanks also to the "ladies in pink," who helped coordinate this event and to Greg Spencer, a pleasant gentleman who discussed with me some interesting points concerning eidetic memory and artists. I'll definitely plan on attending the Haslett Community Yard Sale again next year.

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